Heartbeat Trust UK does not wish to ‘compete’ or duplicate the efforts of other charities in this sector, all of whom undertake excellent work.  However, there is an important gap in their provision where greater awareness and signage showing where defibrillators are located in the community is required. 

This is where Heartbeat Trust UK makes the difference.  Not only ensuring that the public knows where the nearest defibrillator is located, but also by assisting local communities in identifying where defibrillators should be strategically sited.

The primary purpose of Heartbeat Trust UK is to improve the survival rate from out of hospital cardiac arrests and we recognise that we are just one (albeit important) cog of the survival chain.  We need to work with other charities and organisations that can provide the necessary equipment, training, research and advice. 

This involves working with not only other charities, but also other organisations including local community/county councils, health boards, universities, government departments and stakeholders on the ground such as retailers and traders.

Consequently, we are very proud of partnering with the following bodies:

British Heart Foundation (Wales)
St John Cymru-Wales
Swansea University Medical School
University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Zoll Medical
City & County of Swansea
Neath Port Talbot CBC
It is envisaged that as the work of Heartbeat Trust UK expands across the country there will be additional Partners identified to work with. 

If you are a charity or similar organisation that would like to partner with us, please contact the Chair of  Heartbeat Trust UK.

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